Math Intervention

  • OPERATIONS for working with FRACTIONS
    Adding/Subtracting Fractions
    • You must have common denominators.  Find the smallest multiple (LCD) of both numbers.
    • Rewrite the problem using equivalent fractions.  Then add or subtract the numerators (top numbers) and keep the denominator. 
    • Simplify your answer.

    Multiplying Fractions:

    • Change a mixed number to an improper fraction. Reduce from top to bottom.
    • Multiply the numerators together and then multiply the denominators together.
    • Simplify your answer.

    Dividing Fractions

    • Change a mixed number to an improper fraction.
    • Then multiply by the reciprocal of the the second fraction.  Reduce from top to bottom
    • And follow the steps of multiplying fractions.  Simplify your answer.