Shepherd High School
Student Council
Show Your Shepherd Spirit! 
Show Your Pride with Blue & Gold !!
Shepherd Student Council works to improve the spirit of students through activities, contests and school improvements that influence a student's everyday life at SHS.
Butter Braids Fund Raiser - 2016 Update - We made $1300 this year!! Thank you to those who sold and those who purchased!!!
What Has Student Council Done Lately? 
  • Painted the High School Lobby - And it LOOKS GREAT!
  • Placed directional signs in the lobby
  • Had the Mascot Professionally Updated! He's Gorgeous too!
  • Had a Mustang Sign of Steel Made for our Lobby
  • Placed trophies on the hallway walls
  • Clean and organize trophies in the cases (yearly)
  • Pay to have the Activity Banners in the Gym Updated
  • Activity Banners in the Gym were purchased by Student Council
  • A water fountain bought for the lobby that fills bottles
  • Bought a TV monitor for announcements that is placed in the main hall

Student Council is always looking for ways to make life at SHS a better place. If you have an idea or suggestion please bring it to the Student Council. 

President- Tyler Myhre
Vice President - Brianne Malchow
Secretary - Sarah Dunn
Treasurer - Makayla Driskell