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    This class is an introduction to the history, geography, and culture
    of the Eastern Hemisphere. The main texts used in this study is
    EASTERN HEMISPHERE by Silver Burdett Ginn.

    August/September: studying map skills and using

    the various aspects of a history text book.
    Learning how to write an essay.

    October: "Ancient Civilizations in the Middle East & Egypt"

    (We look at the origins of civilizations)
    We work on a project of creating a personal timeline.
    October/November:   "Ancient Greece"
    (From myths to history we look at the contributions of the Greeks.)
    November: "Ancient Rome"
    We follow the rise and fall of the Roman empire.
    December:    "Middle Ages to the Age of Discovery"
    (What happens in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire?)
    January/February: "History of Middle East and North Africa" 
    (A look at the rise of Islam, the Crusades, the geography,
    and the importance of the Middle East today.)
     February/March:  "History of Africa South of the Sahara"
    (the people,history and geography of Sub-Saharan Africa)
    March/April: "History of Asia"
    (religions, cultures, and histories, from China and India.)  
    April: The Industrial Revolution  (Back to Europe)
    May: Russia,
    Genghis Khan to World War 2 


    Stories of the land

    History 7th

    This is a one semester class. We start with a
    look at the geography of our state. Then we review
    of the lives of the native peoples from pre-contact
    and post-contact with Europeans. Next we look
    at the explorations of  Americans and Europeans in
    what is now Montana. From there we follow the
    history of mining in Montana. Mining leads us to
    the development of the railways in Montana.
    Railways lead to homesteading and the development
    of towns in Montana. From this point on
    we are solidly into the 20th century in Montana.
    We will follow the events of World War 1, The Great
    Depression, World War 2, to the
    1960's in Montana.   The text we use is
    MONTANA: Stories ofthe Land
    written by the Montana Historical Society.