• Bobby Trotter
    Transportation Supervisor
    Shepherd School District 
    Coach Bus

     Due to a continuing Driver shortage we are forced to combine bus 1 with several other routes.

    Parents Please read below for BUS 1 and Bus 8 Changes that will take effect Monday 10/01/18.



    Bus 1 Temporary Elimination Plan and Pick up Time adjustments:


    • 5500-4900 Haynes Rd, West of Shepherd RD, including Beas Pl.

            - Move to BUS 6 @ 07:40AM


    • Duck Club Rd from 5 Corners to Larimer Ln -3900-3100.

              Move to Bus 8- 07:20 AM

    • Larimer Ln from Duck Club to Highway 312 -5200-4800.

              Move to Bus 8 @ 07:22AM (Includes Cline Rd )



    • Powmer Rd, Van Steeland, Country Garden & Hoskins Rd S. of 312. Move to Bus 2- @ 07:05 AM


    • Chicago Rd- 5700-6300 and Hwy 312 even side from Bridge to Shepherd Rd- Move to Bus 3 @ 07:30 AM



    • BUS 8 Changes:

    Equestrian Rd from Shepherd road west, includes:

    Arab, Hackney, Belgian and Lippizzan Pl.

    Move to BUS-4 @ 07:30 AM


    All times are approximate so please have your child at their assigned stop a little early while we short out the changes this week.

    IF ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL ME @ 406-855-6062 NLT 08 :00 PM Sunday 09/30/18.


    Thanks, Bobby Trotter





    Transportation by school bus is not mandatory.  This service is provided for those who wish to ride under the terms set up.


    The following information for parents and students states the regulations governing riding.  Non-compliance may be met by refusal to transport.  It is expected that all concerned will read this bulletin, and in case there are questions, ask for an explanation in order that there be no misunderstanding.


    Information regarding school bus service may be obtained by calling:


    Shepherd Schools                                                Transportation Office


    373-5300  High School                              373-5331 Transportation Supervisor

    373-5873  Jr. High School                 

    373-5516  Elementary School



    The transportation program is set up to provide bus service.


    The Trustees of School District #37 shall review all bus routes yearly.  Changes will be made in accordance with State of Montana rules and regulations.  The most economical and feasible routes with maximum service to the residents of School District #37 will be the policy.  Request for changes in bus routes must be made by May 15th of each year.


    1.         The school transportation program is not a taxi service for students, parents, or unauthorized persons.  Buses will not operate over roads that are not properly maintained, or on private lanes leading to and from the residence to the highway, or on roads where adequate turn-around's are not provided.

                District policy is that all buses will have turn-around's instead of having to back up


    2.         Parents/Students will be issued a copy of the Transportation Parent/Student handbook at the beginning of each school year or when registering. It is expected that each parent review the bus/transportation rules with their children to insure they understand the rules and also the consequences of violating the transportation policies. Violations will be addressed on a case by case basis and will be subject to progressive discipline, up to and including refusal to transport.


    3.         Buses, which are school owned, will meet the Montana State Highway Patrol inspections.  Drivers will be certified according to regulations of the State of Montana and the Office of Public Instruction.


    4.         The School District reserves the right to discontinue this service when the bus available is loaded to less than 50% of capacity.


    5.         All buses are outfitted with digital recording devices on both the interior and exterior.

                   Video review is restricted to the Transportation Supervisor and Superintendent.  







    The bus operation will be similar to the plan followed last year.  Buses, which meet the State Highway Patrol inspection, will be used and drivers will be certified according to regulations of the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Last Modified on September 30, 2018