Information on Special Olympics: somt.org  
    Special Olympics
    Hello, my name is LuAnne Super and I am the Special Education Teacher for Kindergareten through 3rd grade @ Shepherd Elementary. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call me.
    Schedules: I follow Kindergarten - 3rd grade schedules for interventions and specific subject blocks: 
    Behavior Plans: I follow k - 3rd grades classroom behavior management plans, but I also have my own I use in my classroom. I use the combination of the plans for consequences and rewards. Below is my classroom behavior management plan:
    • 1st time – Verbal warning
    • 2nd time – Practice the correct way
    • 3rd time – Refocus and a call home
    • 4th time – Blue Slip and visit with principal


    • Verbal praise
    • Stars on daily chart/picking a prize when chart is filled
    • Good work tickets
    • Can choose to call parents with good ne