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    Special Olympics
    Hello, my name is LuAnne Super and I am the Special Education Teacher for Kindergareten through 3rd grade @ Shepherd Elementary. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call me.
    (406)373-5516 Ext:113
    Schedules: I follow Kindergarten - 3rd grade schedules for interventions and specific subject blocks.
    Behavior Plans: I follow k - 3rd grades classroom behavior management plans, but I also have my own I use in my classroom. I use the combination of the plans for consequences and rewards. Below is my classroom behavior management plan:

    L isten to instructions

    E nter room prepared

     A lways try your BEST

              R espect yourself and others

                 N O EXCUSES, you can do it!!!

    What happens if you break a rule?

    1 TAKE A BREAK  get yourself in control.

    2 YOU BREAK IT, YOU FIX IT  do what you need to get the situation right again

    3 SCHOOL WIDE EXPECTATIONS  follow what is expected of you as a student in the school



    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be safe

    Be kind

    Be a worker


    Daily chart filled out when expectations above are followed, working towards a reward from the treasure box!

    ***STANG tickets

    ***Verbal praise

    ***rewards for meeting IEP goals