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    Tuesday, November 09, 2021



    Well, here we are...approximately 1/4 into the 2021-2022 school year and I've neglected my web page until now.  Sorry about that.  I will strive to do better! 

    The school year has seen numerous changes within our high school.  Of course we are into the new facilities this year and enjoying the added space and new accommodations.  The cafeteria and kitchen are exceptional.  Our kitchen staff are trying some new things with the menu, which we all appreciate.  The added classrooms have been very enjoyable.  As with any new construction or remodeling, we are still working through some minor glitches with some different systems, but it just takes a little time.  We'll get there.  Again, THANK YOU to the Shepherd Community for supporting the bond election.  We are truly appreciative and grateful for what you have given us.  

    In conjunction with the new space, we are looking at a new military display honoring all Shepherd High School graduates.  In years past we have attempted to get everyone's name for the small display by the front doors to the high school.  The new project would include a United States flag in some form that would be accented with stars that list the graduate, branch of service, and year of graduation.  We really want this project to be something that the whole community can take pride in.  So, with that said, we are again asking for names of Shepherd High School graduates.  Please help us out.  We are accepting names of current students to students that may have graduated 'way back in the day'.  We do have a large number of recent students but are lacking names from the 90s, 80s, 70s, and so on.  Any information you could help us with would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact the high school office or direct information to Lisa Carpenter (l-carpenter@shepherd.k12.mt.us).  

    Another item that you may be able to help us out with is the Career Day that will take place in the high school on Dec 21.  In years past we have asked a variety of people to come in and speak with our students about their jobs/professions.  We try to get a wide variety so that students can select a speaker based on their varied interests.  If you have questions or are interested in speaking to our students about your job/profession, please contact the high school office.  We still have a number of 'blank spots' on the schedule.  

    Last month we completed our twice-yearly Student-Led Conferences.  Within the high school, during the two evenings, we managed to cover approximately 85% of our high school students.  That is quite remarkable.  We are slowly picking up the other 15% as we can get to them.  Thank You to the parents/guardians who attended either in person or online.  I believe having the option to either be in person or online was a big contributor to the overall success of those two days.  Another change this year with SLCs was to place everything in a digital format.  I believe it saves a lot of prep time and ultimately everything remains in one place.  There are still some small glitches to work out with the digital format, but I think, long-term, it's the way to go for simplicity sake.  Please start marking your calendars for next Spring's SLC's dates...Feb. 14-15.  

    A few random thoughts for topics at the dinner table between parents and students might include the following:  1) attendance...make sure that you're in class on time; I've seen an increase in absences and tardies this year in general; 2) proper use of ICU time...the time is meant to assist students in getting their work turned in, not as a punishment nor as a goof-around time; use the time for it's intended purpose; 3) general behavior...this includes anything from simple inappropriate language to more extremes; it's pretty simple...just do what is being asked of you; it's nothing out of the ordinary or bizarre; just follow the rules.  These kinds of topics easily correlate to 'real life'...be on time, organize and utilize your time appropriate, and follow the simple rules that have been laid out before you.  All just like 'life'.  Anyway, just a little food for thought for the dinner table.  

    Upcoming Items of Interest:

    Nov 16    ASVAB Testing

    Nov 17    Sociology Field Trip

    Nov 24-28    No School (Thanksgiving Break)

    Dec 3      TWIRP

    Dec 6      Progress Report Date

    Dec 14    High School Music Concert

    Dec 22-Jan 2     No School (Christmas Break)

    Stay Strong.  Stay Safe.


    K.J. Poepping, Principal