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     (Updated May 31, 2018)

    Well, that's a wrap to the 2017-2018 school year!  What can truly be said about this school year?  There have been ups, downs, and probably everything in between.  Some of the big highlights throughout the year:  a new superintendent; a number of new high school staff members; a new group of freshmen; a new group of senior leaders; football team making the playoffs; Yellowstone Art Museum Exhibit; the induction of a large number of students into National Honor Society; Tri-County Honor Band trip to Denver; a slight improvement of the school ACT scores by the junior class; an ICU Progam that has positively affected countless students' grades; Ely Feuerstein playing his way into the State Golf Meet at Eagle Rock; the softball team making the state tournament (losing to the teams that took 2nd and 3rd place); and Maddie Marema winning the State B 100M title. 

    As we head into the 2018-2019 school year, there will be some slight changes within the high school.  For me, the most noticeable change will be the retirement of Mrs. Mertz.  For my fourteen years at SHS, she has been there to help me every step of the way.  But things change.  She has decided to call it a career and enjoy her family.  She will be truly missed by everyone.  I'm not sure there's a whole lot more that I could say without a shedding a tear or two.  On behalf of everyone, THANK YOU for everything Mrs. Mertz.  Mrs. Sarah Clark will be in the office.  Please help her to feel welcome and be patient as she learns the systems and routines of the school.  There will also be two new teachers to our staff.  Mrs. Amber Williams will be joining the English Department and Mr. Dirk Vandenberg will be joining the Health Enhancement Department.  Once we get back to school, please help them to feel welcome to Shepherd.  We look forward to having both of them on staff. 

    A quick reiteration of the ICU Program protocols are as follows for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays:

    --if a student does not complete an assignment on time, the student will be placed on the ICU list for the next available day

    --a text/email will be sent to the parent/guardian to alert them of the missing assignment

    --the student will receive the ICU slip the morning of their scheduled ICU day (this is a change from the 2017-2018 school year)

    --if the student completes and turns in the assignment before the 240-330 time on that day, they need to get their ICU slip initialed by the teacher and turned into the 'warden' in order to leave early for the day

    --once the assignment is turned in and graded, it will be placed within the teacher's grade book

    It is imperative that we keep the line of communication open with all parents at all times so that we can work together to get each and every student the education they need and deserve.  The ICU Program helps us in doing so.  I realize that some parents may be receiving a large number of texts/emails, but...that comes down to the student turning quality work in on time.  As a parent, if you do not want to receive so many texts/emails, please talk with your student about getting their assignments turned in on time.  Speaking from experience, I have received a few ICU text messages in regards to my daughter.  Once I receive those, I am able to talk with her and find out what is happening and what needs to be done on her part.  It's all a matter of communication.  Together, we can make this work. 

     As I look back over this year's discipline data, there are a couple of items that are glaringly noticeable.  First and foremost are the most common offenses:  various forms of insubordination (eg. skipping detention/Friday School), cell phone usage, and maybe the most disheartening is the number of tobacco related issues.  There is no excuse for a student to purposefully skip out on detention or Friday School.  They are given notices to let them know of the date.  No Excuse!  Cell phone usage--what can I truly say that hasn't been said over the years?  There is a place and time and class is not necessarily that place or time.  Just remember that on a second offense, the student will be OSS for one day (that will count against their 10 days of absences.  With the creation of e-cigarettes, vaping, and juuling, some students are putting their lives in danger.  We all know the dangers of tobacco related products, so I won't get into it here, but as parents, I am asking for your help in this matter.  Whether it's talking with your kids, going through their stuff, or whatever it may be, we (the school) needs your help in keeping this paraphenalia out of the school.  

    There will be an Open House on Tuesday, August 21st from 500 to 700PM.  This time will provide students and parents to come in and get familiar with the building and the students' teachers.  There will also be a small BBQ, presented by the kitchen staff, for a minimal cost during this same time frame. 

    We will be hosting our annual Freshmen/New Student Orientation on Wednesday, August 22nd.  This will be a 'normal' school day for all freshmen and new students.  We will run them through various programs throughout the day so they can acclimate to the high school setting without being overrun by 200+ other students.  A continental breakfast will provided, as well as a BBQ lunch.  Students will be released at 230PM.
    All students will be in regular session on Thursday, August 23rd. 

    I will end this somewhat lengthy update with this:  speaking for Shepherd High School, I hope that everyone has an enjoyable summer break.  I would ask that every student take some time this summer to reflect on the past year and determine how they can make next year better, for themselves and the school.  
    Have a wonderful summer.
    Thank you for your continued support of Shepherd Public Schools. 
    K.J. Poepping, Principal
    Shepherd High School