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    Monday, February 3, 2020

    Now that the second semester is well underway for the 2019-2020 school year, I would just like to throw out a few reminders for students, parents, and the community in general. 

    Student-Led Conferences are coming up in a mere two weeks.  Students will be arranging their binders over the next few days in preparation for their parents' arrival.  If you have not heard from your student about their student-led conference, please ask them about it or call the high school office to arrange a specific date and time.  It is paramount that we are able to cover 100% of our students.  We attempt to keep the lines of communciation open to all parents.  Student-Led Conferences allows us to do just that.  If, as a parent, you would like to speak with a particular teacher during your child's conference, all teachers will have schedules posted outside of their classroom doors.  Please take a look to see what time segment that the teacher would be available for a quick discussion.

    ICU--a couple of quick comments regarding ICU.  Parents--it is crucial that you do not call your student out of school prior to ICU starting for the day.  I have seen a large number of students being called out for frivolous reasons by parents just because the student does not want to attend ICU.  The simple solution is for the student to turn in all of their work.  However, parents, please help us in the event that your student is on the ICU list.  We are trying to provide them a time to get stuff done and turned in.  When they are leaving for whatever reason, it really defeats the purpose.  

    Some exciting times are quickly approaching.  Facility Meetings have been occuring on a pretty regular basis to fine-tune the plans for the new additions and remodels.  There will be a ground breaking ceremony in March (date and time to be determined). 

    The annual Ski Trip and Alternative Trip is slated for Wednesday, February 26th.  Out of 250 students eligible for either trip, we have 176 eligible to attend.  That is a significant number of students who will be partaking in one or the other.  Mrs. Vogel is in charge of the ski trip while Mrs. Dietz and Mr. Nydegger are in charge of the alternate trip.  We will be having a pre-meeting to discuss both trips with the students on Thursday, March 6th during ICU.  If you have questions, please direct them to the individuals listed here. 

    With Spring just around the corner, that also means statewide testing is lurking as well.  Our junior class will be taking the ACT on Tuesday, March 24th.  This is an opportunity for all juniors to take the assessment, free of charge.  If they do not do as well as expected, they can take it more times as they see fit.  The extra times would be at their own expense however.  We will also be running the Pre-ACT on Wednesday, March 25th for all sophomores.  This is an opportunity for them to get a glimpse of what the ACT will look like when they are juniors.  In the end, it is to each student's benefit, that they try their best.  They need to have proper rest and nutrition prior to the testing.  It all affects how well they do.

    Upcoming Items of Interest:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    Feb. 24   PIR Day (No School)

    Feb. 26   Ski/Alternate Trip

    Mar. 2   Tri-County Band Day

    Mar. 8-10   State BPA in Billilngs

    Mar. 10   Pre-District Band and Choir Concert

    Mar. 17   Distict Music Festival in Billings (part 1)

    Mar. 19-20   FCCLA in Bozeman

    Mar. 21   Prom

    Mar. 24   ACT for Juniors

    Mar. 25   Pre-ACT for Sophomores

    Mar. 30   District Music Festival in Billings (part 2)


    Thank You for your continued support of Shepherd High School.


    K.J. Poepping, Principal