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    Hello, my name is Aurora Young and I am the Special Education Teacher for 4th and 5th grade @ Shepherd Elementary. I follow 4th & 5th grade schedules for specific subject/time blocks. Both grades have a Facebook page, which they update each new school year. This is where you can find out what is going on in your child's grade and/or ask the regular education teachers a question. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to e-mail or call me.




    About Ms. Young:

    I started my career as a teacher aide in special education in 2003. I also became a volunteer/coach for Special Olympics. All this encouraged me to follow my passion, so I became a certified teacher with an endorsement in Special Education. I first worked with infants ages 0-3 @ Young Families Early Head Start and then joined the Shepherd team in 2014. I truly LOVE to teach! Shepherd is an amazing school and I enjoy meeting new students and families each year. I live with my boyfriend Kevin, daughter Saige, and my two dogs, Lola and Willow. I enjoy traveling and try to go somewhere new every summer. I also enjoy the outdoors, especially camping and boating. Some of my favorite things besides traveling are coffee, reading, listening to vinyl, and gardening. Below I have posted my classroom expectations, procedures, and rewards to give you an insight into my classroom.


     Ms. Young’s Classroom Procedures, Expectations, & Rewards:
    1. Entering classroom:
    • Students will enter classroom quietly.
    • Students will need their trappers and AR book.
    • Students will grab sharpened pencil, work, tub, and/or materials.
    • Students will sit in their assigned seat.
    • Students will begin bell work or rocket math.


    1. Student center:
    • Where all materials, mailboxes, and tubs are stored for student use.
    • Students can crab materials when needed without permission, but need to do it quickly and quietly.
    • Students need to return materials and tubs when finished using them.
    • Students need to keep the Student Center clean and organized.


    1. Bell work
    • Work the students do independently and quietly as soon as they enter my classroom.
    • Reading is written on front board. Math is Rocket Math.
    • Teacher will tell the students when to stop.


    1. Turning in work/Returned work:
    • If a student’s work is not completed then the work stays in the student’s tub or grade basket on Ms. Young’s desk.
    • If a student’s work is completed then the student turns their work into their grade basket on Ms. Young's desk.
    • When students work is graded then a teacher will put the students work in the student’s individual mailbox.


    1. Mailboxes:
    • Each student has a mailbox with their name on it.
    • Students need to check their mailboxes weekly and take home all papers.


    1. Classroom Library:
    • Students need to have permission by a teacher to be in the classroom library.
    • Students will read quietly.
    • Students will respect all books.
    • Students will keep the classroom library clean and organized.
    • Students will check out AR books according to Check Out Book procedure.


    1. Checking out a book: (Procedure Posted)
    • Students can only check out one book at a time.
    • Students can only check out AR books unless they are done with their AR points.
    • Book Checkout rules: 1. Pick out book in your level. 2. Write down book on clipboard. 3. Have a teacher check it before you leave. When returning book: 1. Cross out/erase your book on clipboard. 2. Have a teacher check it before you leave.


    1. Bathroom:
    • Students can only use bathroom once during a block (except for emergencies).
    • Students need to tell a teacher in the classroom the correct-exact time on clock and pay the amount required that is written on bathroom checkout sheet (changes weekly) in order to go to the bathroom.
    • Students need to write their name and time on clipboard by door.


          9. Classroom Rules/Expectations: (Posted)

    • Classroom rules are simple and need to be followed in order to receive any rewards.
    • Classroom rules: 1. Follow directions 2. Be prepared – a sharpened pencil, tub, trapper, and AR book. 3. Do your classwork. 4. Respect others and your school. 5. Be a team player.


    1. Rewards and Consequences: (Posted)
    • Punch Card: a student can earn punches for every time the student is scheduled in my classroom. When the punch card is filled the student can trade in their card for a reward. The student can choose to save their punch card (up to 3) for a bigger reward. Consequence for negative behavior is no punches on card and the student could also receive the following: Depending on behavior a refocus form (yellow slip) or office referral (blue slip) may be filled out. Ms. Young’s room also follows grade level behavior plans as well. 4th- Class Dojo & 5th Infraction Sheets.


    Classroom Rewards:


    Punch Cards:

    • 1 filled ticket  = 1 treasure chest prize
    • 2 filled tickets = 2 treasure chest prizes
    • 3 filled tickets = 3 treasure chest prizes or 2 reward choices.


    Rocket Math & Rocket Sight Words:

    • A-Z Math = Popcorn and Candy Bar
    • Levels 1-5 = Popcorn and Candy Bar
    • 100% sight words club = Ms. Young’s choice


    AR points:

    • Regular Points = Popcorn and Pop
    • Double Points = Ms. Young’s choice

    Behavior Charts (filled up):

    • Chose 2 reward choices and 30 minutes IPad time.


    Reward Choices:


    Candy bar

    2 Packs of Gum

    Popcorn & Seasoning

    Ramen Noodles


    Hot Chocolate

    Apple Cider

    Any Treasure Chest item

    15 mins of IPad time

    15 mins of Free Time