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    Hello, my name is Aurora Young and I am the Special Education Teacher for 4th and 5th grade @ Shepherd Elementary. I follow 4th & 5th grade schedules for specific subjects/time blocks. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to e-mail or call me.


    (406)373-5516 Ext: 133


    About Ms. Young:

    I started my career as a teacher's aide in special education in 2003. I also became a volunteer/coach for the Special Olympics. All this encouraged me to follow my passion, so I became a certified teacher with an endorsement in Special Education. I first worked with infants ages 0-3 @ Young Families Early Head Start and then joined the Shepherd team in 2014. I truly LOVE to teach! Shepherd is an amazing school and I enjoy meeting new students and families each year. I live with my boyfriend Kevin, daughter Saige, and my two dogs, Lola and Willow. I enjoy traveling and try to go somewhere new every summer. I also enjoy the outdoors, especially camping and boating. Some of my favorite things besides traveling are coffee, reading, listening to vinyl, and gardening. Below I have posted my classroom expectations, procedures, and rewards to give you an insight into my classroom.


    Rewards and Consequences: (Posted in Classroom)

    Punch Card: A student can earn punches every time the student is scheduled in my classroom for reading and interventions. When the punch card is filled, the student can trade in their card for a reward from the classroom store. The consequence of negative behavior is no punches on the card. 

    Money: A student can earn fake money every time the student is scheduled in my classroom for math. The student can pick out an item from Ms. Young's Layaway Program and work their way up to pay for the item to keep.  The consequences of negative behavior is no money is given for the wallet or the student will pay the teacher for wasted time.

    The student could also receive the following: Depending on behavior, a refocus form (yellow slip) or office referral (blue slip) may be filled out. Ms. Young’s room also follows grade-level behavior plans as well. 4th- Class Dojo & 5th Infraction Sheets.

    Classroom Rewards:

    Rocket Math & Rocket Sight Words:

    • A-Z Math = Popcorn and Candy Bar
    • Levels 1-5 = Popcorn and Candy Bar
    • 100% sight-word club = Ms. Young’s choice

     AR points: 

    • Regular Points = Doughnut Party
    • Double Points = Special Breakfast

    Agenda & Friday reward:

    • (5th only) If students fill out their agenda daily, then on Friday they will receive a Friday reward (treasure chest or small candy).
    • Also, on Fridays, if the student gets the weekly riddle right, then they will receive another Friday reward (treasure chest or other).

    Behavior Charts (only pertains to specific students):

    • Depends on students' individual behavior plan


    Ms. Young's Store Items:

    • Candy Bar
    • Pack of Gum
    • Fruit Roll-up
    • Small Can of Soda
    • Flavored Water
    • Capri Sun'
    • Squeeze - it
    • Cup of Hot Chocolate with Mellows
    • Popcorn & Seasoning
    • Cup of Ramen Noodles
    • Water Bottle Stickers
    • $2.00 for Wallet
    • $2.00 Layaway Item
    • 10 minutes  of Free Time
    • Other

    Layaway Items:

    Are random items donated to MS. Young's classroom. Most likely garage sale items consist of toys, books, cups, jewelry, mugs, stuffed animals, make-up, hair accessories, games, and other misc. items. Very random and will most likely be used.