English Language Arts
  • Ms. Allie Walker
    Phone: 373-5873 ext. 187

    Email: a-walker@shepherd.k12.mt.us 

     "Reading is a personal art. We imagine a book as we read; we enter a world, direct the movie of what happens, and imagine the characters as living, breathing human beings. We follow them into homes and cultures we would never otherwise encounter. We fall in love, we experience loss, we grapple with universal human struggles. The world opens and we fall in. We read because books surprise and delight us, teach us, and challenge us to consider our decisions and to live our lives differently. A book can lead us to understand what we never knew we knew. We find parts of ourselves in books. Most importantly, we control the pace of experiencing a book. We can slow down and reread when we are confused, but also when we just want to live in a moment again. We can set a side a book just as it gets to the end so as to prolong the reading of that book. We might skim ahead. We can write in the margins and revisit our thinking years later. We can share our thinking with other people and discover how they read the book differently than we did. We will understand it more deeply as we listen to them."
    - Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle 

Growth Mindset