• Wifi Terms of Use for SPS Guest Wireless Network

    This network is the property of Shepherd Public Schools (SPS) and may be accessed only by authorized guests of SPS.

    Unauthorized use of this network is strictly prohibited and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

    The data you send and receive over this network may or may not be encrypted and may be viewed or intercepted by others. Use this network at your own risk. Privacy and security safeguards are the user's responsibility; this network does not provide any implicit or implied. SPS does not warrant or represent that this service will be uninterrupted, error-free, or secure; and your usage will be bandwidth limited. Users should be aware that there are security, privacy, and confidentiality risks inherent in wireless communications and technology.  SPS does have web content filtering in place; any attempt to bypass this will result in termination of wireless access.

    SPS may monitor, interrupt or suspend any activity; or retrieve any information transmitted through this network, to ensure compliance with SPS (AUP) acceptable use policy, and with federal, state, and local law. By accessing and using this network, you are consenting to such monitoring and information retrieval by SPS. Users should have no general expectation of privacy or confidentiality when using this network.

    By continuing past this page you acknowledge and accept these terms and the terms of SPS's (AUP).
    For more information, please contact us at 406-373-5300 ext. 169.