• Hello Shepherd Community,
    I want to welcome everyone back to school for another exciting year. We are entering our third year as a middle school, and we are even more excited to make some changes to help things go even smoother than they did last year. As we enter the school year, please be patient with procedures, as there will be bugs that need to be worked out as there always is. If you have an issue with a teacher, please talk to them first before contacting me. I will meet with you as a parent if you are not able to work out the issue. We will continue our No Excuses University program as well as our good standing program as we did last year. Please encourage your student to wear their NEU/College/Shepherd shirts on Tuesday's every week to show their support of preparing all students for a career beyond high school. Please utilize the school website to get school information, as well as contact teachers and see what is going on in your students classes. I hope everyone has a great year, and we will work extremely hard to keep your students safe and well educated.
    Thank You,
    Mr. Hash
    Shepherd MS Principal

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