• We have school-wide expectations that all students are:




    As a 3rd grade team this year, we will be doing much of our behavior rewards and consequences using the data from our clipboards. The clipboard follows the students each day as they rotate between the three classrooms.

    Each day, students will begin with a fresh slate. Instances of being disruptive, off-task, disrespectful/defiant, and unprepared are recorded. Positive points and individual prizes/rewards can be earned by classes. Negative daily points/tallies on the clipboard will result in the following…


    1. The student is given a verbal warning.

    2. A negative point/tally in a category serves

    as a recorded reminder/warning.

    3. The 2nd negative point/tally in a single category

    earns practice time of expectations during recess.

    4. The 3rd negative point/tally in a single category

    results in a refocus for students to complete,

    sign, and take home to parents.

    5. If the behavior continues, then students will be required

    to call a parent and explain their behavior. This may also

    result in a blue slip (office referral).

    6. Some serious offenses will require an immediate office referral.






    • Earn individual rewards by following expectations each day.

    • Follow expectations and earn a star on your chart each day.

    • Fill a row with stars and choose a treat.

    • Fill a chart with stars and choose a special prize from the treasure box.



    • Each class will be working toward a reward, too. Rewards may include board games, dress-up days, special treats, etc.

Last Modified on September 6, 2023