Shepherd High School

E-Mentoring Program

  • The Montana Center for Inclusive Education E-Mentoring Program is designed to connect students with disabilities to positive role models in post-secondary education who understand their special needs.  The program is designed to build motivation for academic learning; enhance self-esteem; improve students' skills in writing, computers, social interaction, and career readiness; integrate e-mentoring with achievement of transition/IEP goals; and, to provide expanded opportunities to help students with disabilities become successful adults.

    This innovative program is designed to create opportunities for career learning, improved self-esteem, and high expectations for the future for students with disabilities.  By enhancing student awareness of the world of education and work, their perceptions of their own capabilities, and their ability to communicate effectively, we seek to increase the likelihood that students with disabilities will pursue post-secondary education.  We also seek to change perceptions so that students, educators, and citizens will not only envision students with disabilities transitioning to productive lives, they will expect it.


    Mentee Requirements

    • Be at least a junior in high school
    • Recieve services at school (IEP or 504)
    • Agree to a nine month committment to the project
    • Agree to attend scheduled trainings