Shepherd Middle School

    Mr. Logan

     Pre-algebra Algebra and Math 2

    email: l-logan@shepherd.k12.mt.us

    class phone number: 406-373-5300 ext. 174




    ·         Be on time. On time means in your seat ready to work before the bell rings.

    ·         Be prepared.

    ·         No pens!!

    ·         Always show your work, no exceptions unless instructed otherwise.

    ·         All work is expected to be handed in on time. Late work policy is as follows:  All late work is recorded as a zero until it is turned in. The student has two days after it was due to turn it in. Late work receives a maximum of 70% from the earned score. After two days the assignment earns a zero but the student must still complete the assignment.

    ·         Any known absence please see Mr. Logan to receive your make-up work before you leave or to take any quiz or test. When you come back retrieve your make-up work from the whiteboard.

    ·         Cheating on any work no matter how small is not tolerated and will have further consequences.

    ·         No food only water

    ·         If work is finished early students are expected to read a book, study multiplication chart, or work on other activities assigned by the teacher.


    • Notebook checks, which include starters, notes, and journals, will occur once a month. Absent students will retrieve the missed notebook material when they return from a peer. That peer’s name must be included at the top of the pages retrieved.


    Calculators will only be used when instructed to do so. They are handy to have but cannot be used unless the teacher has given you permission.




    ·         1 3”Math binder or notebook

    ·         Try, try, and try again attitude.

    ·         Basic calculator

    ·         Algebra students will need a calculator with COS, SIN, TAN on the calculator.


    Cell Phones

    If I see or hear them I will confiscate them, fill out an incident report, and turn it into the principal. You will have to collect it from the principal and the end of the day. If you are expecting an emergency phone call speak with Mrs. Rekdal. See handbook for additional rules.


    Grading Scale

    100 – 90                 A                                             70% - Tests                            

    89 – 80                    B                                             25% - Quizzes and projects

    79 – 70                    C                                             5% - Homework  

    69 – 60                    D                            

    59 – lower               F