• Classroom Rules:

    1. Follow directions quickly

    2. Listen when the teacher is talking

    3. Raise your hand to speak or stand

    4. Be safe, be kind, and be honest

    5. Respect others, yourself, and our school



    To reinforce positive behavior in our classroom, we utilize a clipchart.  Students are either able to Clip Up for following expectations or Clip Down for not following expectations. Each of the students start the day on "Ready to Learn." 

    Students Following Expectations May Clip UP

    Clipping Up-

    "Great Effort"-Verbal Praise

    "Excellent Choices"- Good Work ticket


    If they clipper highter than Outstanding, they clip onto my lanyard and draw from the prize box. 



    Students not following expectations will Clip Down-

    Clipping Down-

    "Make Better Choices"-Verbal Warning

    "Think About It"-5 mintues of recess time

    "Parent Contact"-Refocus






Last Modified on August 30, 2019