• Blue & Gold- Listed as Booster Club Supporter in SHS event programs $35
    • Mustang & Fillies-Listed as Booster Club Supporter in SHS event programs. SHS Vinyl Cling $75
    • Super Booster-Listed as Booster Club Supporter in SHS event programs. (2) SHS Vinyl Clings $125
    Reminder-it does not mean you have to help with everything we do should you become a member. It just means you support us.
    If you do not have kids in school, consider donations as you do make a difference with your thoughtfulness, whether it be $10 or $100. It helps us immensely.

    If you see a booster club member, give them a shout! What we do-we do for you, our school and our community.

    If you want to volunteer your time, we'll take that too!

    Thank you in advance for your support!!!

    What does the SHS Booster Club do you ask?

    A question we are asked many times.
    The booster club is made up of volunteers who want to help support your/our youth! Here's a little bit of what we do!
    • 2016 funds from a Shepherd Showdown youth basketball tournament for the new sound system. The system an Octosound speaker system (large enough for arena’s up to 30,000 sq. ft hockey rinks, etc). It has full wireless technology with up to 4 simultaneous wireless microphones with active frequency feedback suppressors. Power supplies with battery back ups, full mixing capability and Bluetooth connections for iPod, phones, iPads tablets etc. 
    • 2017 funds from Shepherd Showdown Youth Basketball tournament helped update the football stands. Boosters matched funds of $6,500 with the district to complete the restoration.
    • For many years the sports/organizations have been and are sent off to tournaments with care packages. Thank you to our parent volunteers who take on the task to get the packages ready.
    • We provide Senior Night keepsakes and program inserts listing our senior’s accomplishments throughout their high school career.
    • We gather in the school to decorate lockers and create a cheerful environment for upcoming events which puts an extra boost in our student’s day knowing we do care. 
    • We select in style sportswear for our fans to purchase and wear to sports events cheering on their Mustangs & Fillies.
    • We host the hospitality rooms and help anyone who asks for our assistance whether it’s lending a hand or giving to them financially where it’s feasible.
    So, as you can see, the booster club is a busy group of volunteers!
    Any help you can give us, goes right back to our youth and Shepherd Schools.
    Please join us in making these years the best that our kids can have while at Shepherd High School.
Last Modified on September 18, 2017