• Ortho Montana has an Urgent Care Walk-in clinic that is especially great when we just need an xray, but also for those injuries that you need to get seen right away (please use Emergency Department for obvious emergencies, major dislocations, & other injuries as appropriate).  Hours are 10am-7pm Mon-Fri. We NO longer have our Monday morning Bump Clinic for athletes.  Concussions & chronic injuries still require an appointment (406-237-5050). Actually whenever possible, I recommend appointments. I can always assist when needed getting an athlete scheduled.


    1.       How to sign up an athlete to see me

    a.       There is a list in your high school office. Please have athletes on the list by start of school on days that I come

    b.      Coaches, parents, athletes & teachers can sign-up athletes


    2.       Days of visits

    a.       Tuesday – HP, Shepherd, Roundup, Grass Range & Fergus

    b.      Wednesday- Moore, Hobson, Judith Gap, Harlo, Ryegate, Lavina & Broadview

    c.       Fridays – HP, Shepherd, Roundup



    3.       Ortho Montana Urgent Care

    a.       Hours 10am-7pm M-F

    b.      New injuries

    c.       No concussions please

    d.      We no longer have our Bump Clinic for athletes

    4.       Ortho Montana appointment line 406-237-5050


Last Modified on September 1, 2017