Bus Route Changes for 2019-2020 School Year

We have implemented several bus route changes this year to minimize mileage and ease overcrowding.



Shepherd Route changes for 2019-2020

Bus 1- Drops Hoskins Rd N of McGirl Rd to Bus 8. Picks up Shepherd Rd between School and Haynes from Bus 7.

Adds 1 stop to bus 8 and takes 5 stops off of 7.  Allows 7 to assume Creekview  subdivision

(7 stops)

Bus 2- Takes back all of McGirl Rd from Vermillion to Hoskins from Bus 8.

Stops were previously on this route and Bus 8 is at max now.

Bus 3- Takes Chicago Rd Between Shepherd Rd and Frey Rd, Frey Rd to 312 and 312 from Bridge to Shepherd Rd from Bus 1

Eliminates redundant coverage with Bus 1.

Bus 4- No Changes

Bus 5- Drops Creekview Subdivision to Bus 7 to ease over Crowding.

Bus 5 over capacity and Bus 7 under.  Route balancing to better distribute work load.

Bus 6- No Changes

Bus 7- Drops Shepherd Rd between school and Haynes Rd to Bus 1. Picks up Creekview subdivision from Bus 5.

Bus 7 has capacity to take additional stops and drives by subdivision.  Bus 5 over capacity.

Bus 8- Drops McGirl Rd E of Hoskins to Bus 2. Takes Hoskins N to 312 from Bus 1

Route adjustment to better distribute world load and stream line route (8)

Bus 9- No Changes.    Sped- No Changes.   Pre-K- No Changes


Please keep in mind that the bus schedules will change during the 1st week of school as we adjust routes to insure they are on time.  Parents/ Students with bus changes will be contacted and advised of the new bus # or pick up/drop off time, well before school starts. Please keep in mind that these are the changes and not the whole route.  Routes remain the same as last year except for the changes noted here.

New students: Parents, when you register your child please make sure that you complete the transportation request form. Turn into the school secretary and we will assign a bus and communicate the times to you as soon as possible.

If your child is not riding the bus, please indicate that and turn into the school secretary.

PARENTS- If your child is no longer riding the bus regularily, please let us know asap. We still have a very high " Ghost Rider" count on the routes and this impacts our ability to properly balance routes, provide efficent service and report accurately to  OPI, State and Federal agencies. Please contact me asap if your child has aged out and no longer riding.  Thanks!