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Senior Grad. Fundraiser

Got Scrap Metal?  You can support the Shepherd Senior Class by recycling your scrap metal and the junk you already want to get rid of!  Pacific Steel & Recycling has placed a large container for recycling scrap metal in the south parking lot (near the practice football field) at Shepherd High School. Got metal siding, gutters, or other metal from the hail damage?  Got an old metal appliance or water heater?  Barbed wire, metal junk behind the garage or shop? All your JUNK can be turned to money to support the Senior class of 2021!  (These items cannot be put in the container:  pressurized containers (like propane tanks), aerosol cans, TVs, explosives, mercury, used auto fluids, tanks/drums, oil filters, ballasts / transformers, asbestos, radioactive materials, and biohazardous waste.)
Shepherd High School Seniors will be doing several different fundraisers this school year to raise money for their after-graduation SNAP (Senior Non-Alcoholic Party) party in May of 2021.  The senior class of Shepherd usually raises $10,000-15,000 at a large basketball tournament that cannot be held this year due to COVD-19.  Right now, the seniors are selling jerky sticks, candy bars and pizza kits.  This is another way we can earn funds and clean-up at the same time.  Please bring your scrap metal for recycling to the marked container in the south parking lot.  (Be sure NOT to dump items where the school construction is going on.)  Pacific Steel has generously donated the use of the container and will pick it up when full and replace it with another for more recycling.  If you have questions, please call Cassie Warneke at 406-208-6446.  If you would like to make a direct donation of money, gift cards or prizes for the party please mail to the Shepherd Seniors at this address: Shepherd Senior Parents SNAP, PO Box 207, Shepherd, MT  59079  The Shepherd Senior Class of 2021 & their families thank you in advance for all your support!