SHS Wrestling Team Rules

1. Win with class & lose with class. You’re representing your teammates, your school, your family and yourself. Make everyone proud of SHS wrestling. Never demean your opponent in any way – no taunting or showing up an opponent. Keep personal celebrations on the mat in line; share your joys and frustrations with teammates and coaches away from the mat.

2. Look good, feel good, and wrestle your best. MHSA rules prohibit the removal of any part of your singlet while on the mat, in other words leave the straps up. Be ready, fully dressed with warm-up off and headgear on, even before the previous match is over. No jewelry is ever allowed on the mat. Doing so is also a violation of MHSA rules, costing team points. Always wear your uniform with pride.

3. Schoolwork comes first. You must have grades of A’s, B’s and C’s. If a wrestler has a grade lower than a C they will have two weeks to raise the grade to a C or higher. This is a team rule not a MHSA rule. Wrestlers are student-athletes. If extra help is needed please ask for assistance. Student-athletes must be able to properly balance wrestling and studying without sacrificing either one. If a wrestler is having problems please come see Mr. Logan for assistance. Practice time will not be excused to study.

4. Student athletes who are consistent disciplinary problems in school or practice can be removed from the team at any time. You must adhere to team rules, school rules, and all MHSA rules and guidelines.

5. Attendance is required at all meetings practices and matches. A wrestler with one unexcused practice during a week will not participate in the next meet. A wrestler, who has missed two practices, in a seven day period, excused or unexcused, or the practice prior to the meet, will not compete that week. A wrestler who continually misses one practice a week may be suspended from meet. Three unexcused absences within the wrestling season will result in removal from the team. Excused absences may include school-related activities such as SAT tests, tutoring, etc.…. These must be cleared with the coaching staff PRIOR to missing practice. Early dismissal from practice counts as an absence. During the wrestling season, family activities and vacations need to be cleared in advance.
The coaching staff asks that appointments be scheduled around practice and meets if at all possible. Missing practice for a family event may result in an unexcused practice whether or not the wrestler has spoken with the Mr. Logan in advance. Early dismissal from meets or duals will not be granted. In order to promote Team accountability all wrestlers are expected to attend every meet unless instructed otherwise. Absence from a meet will result in suspension from the next meet. 

Not having you there hurts the Team.

6. Be on time for school as well as all meetings practices and matches. Tardiness will result in disciplinary measures.

7. Use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs will not be tolerated and will result in suspension.

8. Behavior in practice room, locker rooms and at matches will be professional at all times. Disrespecting of Coaches, Referees, or Teammates will not be tolerated at any time. Such behavior may result in suspension from the team.

9. To earn a letter you must wrestle in at least SIX  varsity events (dual meets and tournaments count as 1 event). Wrestling against JV teams is not included. Also, YOU MUST FINISH THE SEASON.

10.  Match attire includes school singlet, approved shoes, headgear, knee and other pads. No excess taping or decorating of the uniform will be allowed. Penalty may include being removed and replaced in the lineup. Showering after practice is encouraged in order to prevent the spreading of communicable skin diseases. See a coach immediately if you have any signs: grouping of scabs or a red perforated oval shaped bump. Do not go to a doctor without checking with a coach.

12. Not giving 100% in practice hurts the Team and you. Your performance and example affects everyone. Provide a good example for others to look up to.

13. A mandatory body fat test at the beginning of the season will be required. This establishes how much weight each and every wrestler would be able to lose in any given week, safely. Excess weight loss will no longer be allowed in wrestling. All wrestlers wishing to go down in weight must do so gradually and cannot exceed the limits set forth by the body fat test. This new procedure has been added for the safety of the wrestlers. In accordance with the requirements of MHSA wrestlers cannot compete without their body fat test or compete at a lower weight than the results of the body fat test deem as safe for that individual.

14. Weight loss must be done with proper dieting and exercise. See the ‘Weight Loss Article’ at Mr. Logan’s school website as a reference. The use of laxatives, purging or other unsanctioned methods will not be allowed. Rubber or plastic suits are also prohibited. Use of such methods will result in suspension from the Team. No supplements, proteins, or energy drinks. Most supplements and protein powders have not been regulated: therefore, the coaching staff does not know what ingredients are being used and either do you.

15. Singlets and warm-ups are signed out to individuals. If you sign out a uniform and then trade with someone – if they lose it, you’ve lost it and owe the team.

16. Remember the coaching staff is there for you. If you need to talk about anything, please do. You’ll never be penalized for openness. You are always welcome to call head coach Lucas Logan at 406-850-9623 to discuss anything, including personal problems, school problems, and team related problems including absences and tardiness.

17. Keeping your family informed about team rules and news is, in itself, a team rule. We need their support. All too often parents’ only relationship with high school teams deals with problems or fund-raising requests. We need their support as fans IN THE STANDS. We also need them as drivers to away matches and tournaments. Please make them part of the team as much as possible.

18. Wrestlers if you are having a problem meet with Mr. Logan. If the problem persists then a parent may relay the problem. I am available via email anytime, phone before nine o’clock at night, or meet with me personally after practice. In order to effectively run practices I ask parents not to come in the wrestling room. Always approach myself. My assistant coaches are instructed to direct all questions to me. I want them to focus on wrestling instruction.

18. Weight lifting is as scheduled from 625 to 700am or as scheduled. It is a mandatory practice. Tardiness will not be tolerated.


19. Weight classes will be determined by the coaching staff. The Ideology includes weight classes the wrestler will perform best in at state, wrestler feedback, and team needs. A wrestler that chooses not to wrestle at the specified weight class may be suspended from that week’s competition.

I, the undersigned, have read and understand the rules and policy’s set forth for the Shepherd High School Wrestling Team.

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