• Shepherd School

    Gifted Education Plan


    In accordance with the educational goals and objectives of the Shepherd School District, we affirm the unique abilities, needs, and talents of the individual student.  Therefore, we acknowledge our responsibility to provide adequate and appropriate learning opportunities for all.

    The Extended Studies Program of Shepherd School will focus on the needs of those students with potential or demonstrated high performance capabilities who require an accelerated or enriched environment for optimal learning.  These students will be matched appropriately to the curriculum, empowering them to achieve their potential.

    Identification Process

    ID process chart

    Curriculum and Instruction

    planning worksheet

    Professional Development

    Professional development will be provided to school staff throughout the year.  Information about identification, curriculum modifications, and social/emotional needs will be given quarterly and additional support will be provided as needed.

    Support Services

    Support will be provided to students and teachers in the regular classroom, as well as pull out classes as available.

    Parent Involvement

    Parents will be involved throughout referral, identification, and progress monitoring.  Opportunities for parents to help with special projects and events will also be available.

    Program Evaluation

    Feedback is always welcome.  Yearly student and parent surveys will be collected and considered for any changes in the Extended Studies program.