• Details:

    • From May 28th to July 29TH
    • Monday- Friday (NO PM FRIDAY)
    • Shepherd Weight Room
    • Two times: 7:00-9:00A.M. & 6:30 P.M.—2 hours
    • Programs will be tailored to the all-sports.
    • Cost- $75 – payment will not be refunded
    • Checks payable to Lucas Logan for those planning on attending the morning time
    • Checks payable to Chris Dixon for those planning on attending the evening shift
    • Grades 6 through 12 only
    • All Adults welcome to come in as well



    The goal of this camp is to give the athlete the tools and resources to perform to their best ability in the upcoming sports seasons. This program will also help the athlete stay in the best possible shape to prevent injury. If you have any questions about the program please contact one of the coaches listed below.

    Activities include the following:

    • Agilities will include: Jump rope, ladder skill, box jumps, lateral barriers, cone drills, short distance sprints, reaction ball drops, and sled push
    • Strength will include: hang clean, power clean, squat clean, parallel squat, flat bench, front squat and dead lift