• Dear Shepherd Parents/Guardians,


    My name is Lucas Logan. I am teaching Math 2, Pre-Algebra and Algebra. I would like to take this time to clarify how students will be graded.


    How will my student be graded?


    70% Tests

    25% Quizzes

    5% Homework


    In order for your child to pass their math class they must pass 80% of their tests with a B- or above. If a student has not satisfied said requirement then they will have earned an “I” or Incomplete. The average percent posted next to a grade in Powerschool does not determine whether or not a student passes. They must pass 80% of their tests taken in order to pass their math class. When a student does not pass a test then he or she will have the opportunity to retake that test. At the conclusion of the letter are examples of passing grades and students with incompletes.


    How does an “Incomplete” affect my student?


    When the progress report has been reported and a student has an “incomplete” they cannot participate in any game for that sport.. The student will have one week, after the progress report has been recorded, to retake any tests of significance and remove the incomplete status.  If the incomplete status has not been removed after one week then the student cannot participate in that sport at all. All progress report card dates are listed on the school’s website.


    What is the procedure for a retake?


    In order for a student to take a retake they must complete evidence proving they are ready for a retake. Evidence is at least ten problems from old tests, old assignments, workbooks or textbooks. The student can retrieve that evidence by asking the teacher or going to the evidence wall and recording all pertinent information. Ultimately it is the students’ responsibility to approach the teacher about where to find evidence.


    When and how many retakes are available?


    In Algebra a student can retake every test one time. In Pre-Algebra a student can retake every test two times. In Pre-Algebra, exclusively, a Test One is given.  Then one week later a review of Test One is given. If a student did not pass the review of Test One they may fall under the “incomplete” status at that time. In Algebra there will be no review test and a student can earn an incomplete after the first test.


    How does my child know what their grade is in the class?


    A student’s grade will be updated after each test is graded and posted on the wall. All identities have been hidden in order for grades to remain private. Also, students can ask any teacher, more appropriately their mustang time teacher, what their grade is in any class any day.


    What if a test is given a day before the progress reports come out and my child doesn’t have enough time to complete a retake?


    A test will only be recorded if it is given one week before grades are due.


    Below is an example of a student passing and a student with an incomplete. Four tests are listed just as an example.



    TEST 1

    TEST 2

    TEST 3

    TEST 4



    98% A


    61% D-


    80% B-


    83% B


    80.5% B- (PASSING)


    98% A


    61% D-


    79% C+


    85% B


    80.75% Incomplete




    Why is STUDENT A passing and not STUDENT B when STUDENT B has a higher percent?


    Student B is not passing because the majority of the tests are below an 80%. The final average percent does not determine if the student is passing. The student must pass the majority or 80% of their tests with a B- or above in order to pass.


    In conclusion, a student with an incomplete on their progress report card cannot participate in any sporting events that correspond with that report until the incomplete status has been removed. A student with an incomplete after one week of the progress report will no longer be allowed to practice or play in games.  An incomplete is removed once the student has passed the majority or 80% of their tests with a B- or above.


    I thank you for your time. Please if you have questions email me at l-logan@shepherd.k12.mt.us.